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Porat is a small fisherman's village settled on the northwestern side of the island. The sea has been feeding us and giving us life for centuries. Wealth of the sea has connected us with our guests. We provide you a safe place for your ship in our port and arranged beaches with rich underwater. Porat is a picturesque quiet village. Hard working people will nourish you with homemade food. We catch our fish, grow vegetables in our gardens, make our own vine and olive oil...

We invite you to come and to enjoy all the beauty's we are given!

  • The harbor

    Porat harbor Porat was a harbor back in the times when Venice used to rule our island. The name Porat itself comes from the Porat harbor italic word porto which means harbor. About twenty years ago we have started building larger harbor in Porat because we wanted all our guests to have a secure berth. We always work to make the services Porat harbor even better. Water and current is provided for your ships. You can also leave your ship on dry dock through the winter.

  • The beaches

    Porat beach Porat beach About 200 meters from the harbor there's a big public beach. The coast is on that part rocky but there are several shores composed of sand and small round stones where you and your kids are safe to swim and play. A part of the beach is all day in sun while the other part Porat beach is under the pine trees which provide shadow and a breath of freshness in the middle of the hot sunny day.

  • The bays

    Porat bays If you prefer solitude you can walk or drive with your boat to the untouched little bays and the quiet lawns settled just by the sea. Each of those bays has its charm and you will soon fall in love in one of them.

  • Fishing

    Porat fishing Our sea is full of fish but the quantity and the quality of your catch depends on your skills and patience. In addition to sport fishing we Porat fishing invite you to join us when we go out with our nets. Those moments during the sunrise or sunset will stay in your memories. There are also organized all-day trips on larger fishing boats.

  • Walking paths

    Porat walks Porat walks Last few years we have been building long walking paths. The paths are well marked. It is possible to get a brochure with the map of a ll the walking paths. The paths mostly lead through old oak tree forests and among olive tree fields or they simply follow the coast. Porat walks It is particulary nice to walk through the woods when you can smell the cyclamens and the violets and when you can harvest asparagus or mushrooms.

  • Fumak – the cross

    Fumak Fumak In the middle of the woods on top of the highest hill in this region a domestic man has made a big wooden cross as a personal vow. From under the cross there is a splendid view that encircles the whole Kvarner bay. The neighbour island Cres, the city Rijeka and the big mountains Učka and Velebit seem to be on the palm of your hand. This place inspires and relaxes with it's beauty. It is about half an hour of walk away from Porat.

  • The museum in the monastery

    Porat museum There is a Franciscan monastery in Porat. It's known history reaches into the 15th century. Porat museum The Franciscans have always been connected to the life's of our inhabitants and they have recorded their history and their customs. You can see a part of our heritage in the monastery's museum.

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