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The Golden Island


The island Krk is the largest island on the Adriatic Sea. Among our other islands it is known by it's diversities. It's east side, in the winter often flawed by the strong north wind (we call it bura), is made of stone. Scenery of small picturesque towns built on rocks and the crystal clean sea. Just on the other side of the hill large vineyards and fields of olive trees cover the fertile red land. The west side of the island is just the opposite. Sheltered from the strong winds, it is covered with high oak tree woods ideal for long walks. Lovely little beaches, the clean clear sea, mild and healthy climate, homemade wine and olive oil, fresh caught fish, beautiful long walking paths, rich history – it is all just a drop in the sea of all the treasure our island is giving us...

If you wish to find out more facts about the geography, history and the culture of the island Krk stop by the web site of the Tourism association of our island. We will give you a guide of Krk by recommending the places we think you should visit...

  • Town Krk

    Town Krk

    Krk is the largest settlement on the island. It is historical, today also administrative and economic center. You can scent the history while walking the streets of the old town. The town walls that reach back in the pre-roman era, the cathedral more than thousand years old, Town Krk the Francopan castle built on the rocks that rise out of the sea... All this treasure is accompanied with many services offered to visitors (for example you can drink cocktails in the hallways where old Romans used to live)...

  • Vrbnik

    Vrbnik Most of our visitors will probably say that Vrbnik is the most beautiful place on the island. Little town built on high rocks which fall abruptly Vrbnik into the clean blue see. A delightful view towards the sea and the mountains called Velebit on the other side of the canal... The streets within the city walls are narrow, paved with stone and so intricate that you will easily get lost and run in circles. Once you start noticing details Vrbnik like the short doors and cute little windows on well conserved old buildings you might get the feeling you're in a fairy tale. Somewhere inside that labyrinth there's the smallest street in the world. If you like challenges try to find it yourselves. Vrbnik is also well known by the vine called Žlahtina and of course the vineyards where they grow this autochton sort of grapes.

  • Baška

    Baška Baška Baška is very attractive for the largest numbers of tourists. The main reason for that are the long sandy beaches. There's also the beautiful view on the surrounding mountains, hills and small islands. For those that like recreation we recommend the long walking paths that lead over the rocky hills and canyons to the most beautiful untouched bays on the island. Not far from Baška, Baška in a village called Jurandvor, our oldest written Croatian monument was found. If you visit the Church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor you'll get an insight of the rich history of our nation.

  • Dobrinj, Soline and the cave Biserujka

    Dobrinj Dobrinj Dobrinj is an old settlement in the inside of the island. Almost untouched and well conserved old architecture with a certain charm of a place that isn't 'corrupted' with the excessive need for new and more advanced things. It's a place ideal for souls that seek for peace and simplicity. Dobrinj When you leave Dobrinj and go towards the sea you'll find a bay called Soline. It's a shallow bay filled with sand and mud. Many people believe and say that covering yourselves with that mud is healthy. If you're curious try it yourself... By following the road for another kilometer you will come to the cave Biserujka. It is a rather small but rather rich and beautiful cave – the only arranged cave nearby.

  • Košljun

    Košljun Franciscan little island settled in the middle of the Punat bay. Although it's only 6.5 ha large it grows more than 500 species of plants. Here you can walk in the shadow of it's forest and the Franciscans will show you their interesting museums. Starting with the ride to Košljun on small ships this trip is quite an experience.

  • St. Krševan

    Krševan This trip can't be found in the 'classic offer' that you can read in the catalogues about the island Krk. But if you like to walk and you are interested in a little bit of history this can be a nice field trip. St. Krševan is an old Romanic church Krševan built in 12. century. To us the most interesting thing concerning this rather large edifice is that it is settled in the middle of 'nothing' – in the middle of pasturages and oak tree woods – far from any other sign of settlement. There are marked paths to St. Krševan From the village Milohnić and from Glavotok.

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